Llamas went on the lam in Oslo, Norway (Video)

Posted Apr 27, 2014 by Anne Sewell
Three llamas had some fun in central Oslo on Thursday. They escaped from a circus in Tøyenparken and toured the smartest part of town for a while before being recaptured.
Three llamas escaped from a circus in Oslo and toured the town.
Three llamas escaped from a circus in Oslo and toured the town.
Video screengrab
It turns out they actually belong to Cirkus Arnardo and just wanted to have a little fun.
Henriette Vintermyr, a student at the University of Oslo was close to the park when it happened. She told The Local that they just bolted out towards her.
"They came running down towards me from a park and I had to step aside so they wouldn't run me down," she said, adding, "They were quite big."
She said the llamas seemed to enjoy the run through the park, but that they were a little confused by their surroundings once they hit the streets.
"They ran down the street and three men from the circus came running after them trying to fetch them," she added.
Are Arnardo, Operations Manager at Cirkus Arnardo, told Oslo by (in Norwegian) that the llamas probably thought the grass at Tøyenbadet was more interesting than the gravel at the circus area, adding that fortunately they were found quickly.
The circus is in Oslo until Sunday. Whether the llama escape was actually a publicity stunt for the circus is uncertain. However, rather coincidentally, four camels escaped from the same circus in mid-March while it was in Arendal.
NRK (in Norwegian) published the above video of the llamas on the lam.