Naked beer fest to kick off season in Pennsylvania nudist resort

Posted Apr 25, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
There is really nothing like a naked beer fest in which clothes are absolutely forbidden, to give you an idea of just who has been drinking too much beer. Which is a way of saying that beer bellies may abound at the Sunny Rest Resort on June 28.
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Sunny Rest is a naturalist, or nudist, resort that's nestled comfortably in the wilds of northeastern Pennsylvania and they've just announced plans on their website to kick off their summer, and clothes, with the "Bare Beach Beer Bash." The announcement includes this: “Nudity is required at the beer festival area & in the pools and hot tub.”
It's a gated resort that's been around since 1945, so there's security to prevent gawkers, if there are such folks who get a kick out of watching naked people play volleyball and consume alcohol. So it's beer and bare bums in the beautiful Pocono Mountains for $16 advanced or $18 at the door. Must be 21 or over. Beer bellies are optional, incidentally, and if you don't like beer hang on, there's a 'Bare Vine Wine Fest' planned for August.