Multiple sources confirm SeaWorld's Kalia is pregnant

Posted Apr 24, 2014 by Elizabeth Batt
Several sources from within SeaWorld have now confirmed to Digital Journal that nine-year-old killer whale Kalia is pregnant.
Rumors of Kalia's pregnancy have been causing a stir across social media since last weekend when video of the young orca undergoing an ultrasound was released on YouTube.
News of the pregnancy garnered heavy criticism for SeaWorld from former trainers and cetacean advocates who argued that the orca was much too young to have been bred. Experts said that at nine years of age, Kalia, who resides at SeaWorld's San Diego marine park, is at least five years younger than when she would have naturally bred in the wild.
SeaWorld would neither confirm nor deny that their orca was pregnant, but after tapping multiple sources, including park insiders, Digital Journal can confirm Kalia is with calf. Sources also told DJ that SeaWorld will separate the whale from her mother, Kasatka, and ship her from San Diego, California, to SeaWorld Texas sometime in May.
It will not be the first time the marine park has shipped a pregnant whale. According to former SeaWorld trainer and Blackfish cast member John Hargrove, when Takara was moved from Florida to Texas, she was six to seven months into her pregnancy.
Unconfirmed at this point is who sired Kalia's calf and how far along into her pregnancy the orca actually is. Beneath the video of her ultrasound, it states that she is due to give birth in December and that Ulises is the father by artificial insemination. If true, Kalia would have been impregnated at just eight years of age.