Review: Jessie James Decker stuns on new 'Comin' Home' EP Special

Posted Apr 20, 2014 by Markos Papadatos
Singer-songwriter and television star Jessie James Decker released her newest six-track EP, "Comin' Home," independently, on April 18.
Singer Jessie James Decker
Singer Jessie James Decker
Courtesy of Jessie James Decker
She is the wife of star football player Eric Decker. Her EP has reached No. 1 on the iTunes album charts as of yesterday morning.
It opens with the upbeat female anthem "Girls Night," where her crystalline vocals are reminiscent of those of country songstress Carrie Underwood.
She changes the pace with the haunting "Rain on the Roof of This Car," which commences with a fiddle solo as a ballad and then breaks into a mid-tempo tune.
Many of her listeners can relate to the title cut "Coming Home," due to its nostalgic message for her husband. Her vocals are reminiscent of Grammy-winning pop star Christina Aguilera.
"Diary" is a catchy tune that has elements of pop. It is a pleasant delight since it deals with the female narrator's revelations upon reading her significant other's diary. "I read your diary. I had to know what was in your head. If you don't talk to her, you know that I'll do it again," Jessie sings. Similar to the song's lyrics, one will want to play this tune "again" once it's over.
"Breaking Your Heart" is a break-up ballad and how "it hurts to think about" that former flame and it has an eerie mood.
Jessie saves the greatest song on the EP for last: "Mama Wrote You a Lullaby" is an angelic and relaxing lullaby that she dedicates to her newborn baby daughter, Vivianne Rose, and it is a fitting way to close her EP with. It showcases Jessie's breathy and pure vocals, as well as her impressive whistle register. Although it may be a little over two minutes in length, it touches the listener on an emotional level. "Baby, who sleeps tonight, who, Mama wrote you a lullaby. Who dreams tonight? Who, Mama wrote you a lullaby," she sings gently. It is also a testament to the baby that her parents will always be there to protect, guide and love her. By the time the lullaby is over, it will certainly bring a smile on anybody's face due to its sweet message.
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