Microsoft uses South Korea ferry disaster to promote Office 365

Posted Apr 19, 2014 by James Walker
Microsoft South Korea has seized the recent sinking of the South Korean ferry Sewol to promote the company's Office 365 in a particularly tasteless piece of promotion.
A relative takes a swab from his mouth as part of a DNA test outside a gymnasium  used as a gatherin...
A relative takes a swab from his mouth as part of a DNA test outside a gymnasium, used as a gathering point for family members of missing passengers aboard the sunken South Korean ferry 'Sewol', in Jindo, on April 19, 2014
Ed Jones, AFP/File
In a post on the company's Facebook page a member of Microsoft South Korea's marketing team explained how they were proposing to extend a recent promotional offer on Office 365 in order to "commemorate those lost and missing."
However, the post was quickly removed after many people in South Korea protested about its rather insensitive nature given that over 260 people are still missing and that 30 are confirmed dead.
However, it isn't just Microsoft who has shown a lack of respect for the dead recently, as letters revealed last week show how Samsung attempted to use the death of rival company Apple's CEO Steve Jobs to their advantage saying it was the "perfect point" to really start promoting the company's Android-powered Galaxy devices.