ATM glitch at Maine bank causes machine to spit out $37,000

Posted Apr 4, 2014 by James Walker
A software glitch on an ATM based outside a bank in Maine, South Portland, has caused the machine to issue $37,000 in cash to a homeless man who requested $140 be withdrawn from his account.
ATM keyboard
ATM keyboard
The incident occurred early Thursday morning when police received a call from a woman claiming she had to wait an unusually long time for a man to finish using the unit. When forces arrived, they found the homeless man - who earlier in the night had been told to move along by other forces from sleeping in the bank beside the ATM - stuffing cash from the ATM totalling in excess of $37,000 into a large shopping bag.
South Police Lieutenant Todd Bernard told WGME "He was using his bank card to request more money" and that "it gave it to him." The police returned the cash to the bank who didn't press charges against the man whose identity has not been revealed. IT personnel later found the glitch enabling the man to withdraw all the cash.
A TD Bank spokesman, who operate the cash machine, told WGME "Due to a coding error, this TD Bank ATM dispensed an incorrect amount of cash." He later added that no customer balances had been affected by the issue and that today the ATM is out of service whilst the code is updated to resolve the issue.