California man, 67, charged with groping teen on Delta flight

Posted Mar 29, 2014 by Arthur Weinreb
A man was taken into custody after a flight landed in Salt Lake City. A 15-year-old girl complained after the plane landed that the man had groped her.
Hans Loudermilk  67  charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl on a Delta Flight
Hans Loudermilk, 67, charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl on a Delta Flight
Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office
According to officials, Hans Loudermilk boarded Delta Flight 2341 at LAX on Tuesday, bound for Salt Lake City. He allegedly asked a 15-year-old girl, who was travelling as an unaccompanied minor, if she would sit in the middle seat and she complied. Loudermilk then sat down beside her and the two began a conversation.
As the aircraft approached Salt Lake City, the complainant said the conversation became sexual. According to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, Loudermilk told her he could "teach her things sexually that boys her age could not." He then asked her several times to drive off with him because in Utah, she was old enough to marry him.
The complaint also says towards the end of the flight, Loudermilk moved closer to her. He is alleged to have touched her chin before beginning to rub her leg and upper thigh.
When the plane landed, the girl went up to the first Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) official she saw and told the officer what happened. At that time, Loudermilk was observed going into a gift shop where he took off his shirt and put a jacket on, presumably hoping he could not be identified.
Loudermilk, of Oceanside, California, was arrested and booked into the Salt Lake City jail. He was turned over to the U.S. Marshal's Service on Thursday.
Loudermilk appeared in federal court in Utah on Thursday where he was formally charged with sexual abuse on an aircraft and sexual abuse of a minor on an aircraft. He was remanded in custody until his next court appearance, scheduled for Monday.
The Smoking Gun reports Loudermilk had previously worked as a prop maker and carpenter on several Hollywood movies.
Lydia Vogt, Loudermilk's sister, said the charges are "ridiculous" and "out of character for her brother." She said, "Whatever happened, it seems it's blown out of proportion."
A preliminary hearing into the charges has been set for April 10.