Daily Relief: Friday 28 March

Posted Mar 28, 2014 by Jessica Jones-Langley
A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a new TV show starring Prince Harry, a weird tattoo and a shocking look at the effects of drug abuse.
Sabelink Tattoo
Weirdest Tattoo Ever
A Norwegian teen has tattooed a McDonald's receipt on his arm as part of a dare. The 18-year-old was told by friends that "he was too active on the ladies front," and as punishment had to get the receipt on his arm. The receipt included a cheeseburger Happy Meal, a McFlurry with three extra toppings and an extra Happy Meal toy.
Prince Harry to star in reality TV show
The makers of the reality TV show Joe Millionaire are premiering a new reality TV show called I Wanna Marry 'Harry'. The show will follow 12 Americans who believe they are fighting for the chance to marry the real Prince Harry, who is actually played by an average English guy made to look like the prince.
Shocking look at the effects of drugs
A new infographic on the effect of drug abuse on appearances is horrifying. The transformation of the before and after shots are scary. See for yourself here.
University class on Miley Cyrus
Skidmore College will be offering a summer class on Miley Cyrus. The class entitled "The Sociology of Miley Cyrusā€¯ will critique the media using Cyrus "as a lens through which students can explore themes about race, gender, and identity in the media."
Video: Denmark presents an interesting campaign to increase the national birth rate.