Review: Sleeper Agent release pleasant new 'About Last Night' album Special

Posted Mar 25, 2014 by Markos Papadatos
Alternative rock band Sleeper Agent released their brand new album "About Last Night" on March 25 via Mom + Pop Music/RCA Records.
Garage pop band Sleeper Agent
Garage pop band Sleeper Agent
Phil Knott
The band is originally from Bowling Green, Kentucky.
It opens with "Be Brave" and it is followed by "Waves" and "Take It Off," both of which are my two favorite tracks on the album. "Haunting Me" has strong hooks and melodies. "Lorena" is another neat track and "Bad News" is infectious.
While "Me On You" and "Shut" are mediocre, I enjoyed "Impressed" and the catchy "Good Job." If I were to pick a third favorite tune, it would be "Eat You Up," due to its addicting melody and lyrics. It closes with the upbeat "Sweetheart."
The Verdict
The new Sleeper Agent CD About Last Night is quite uplifting and it is the ideal album to listen to after a hard day's work. It has a great vibe to it. What I love about this group is that their sound is so distinct that there is nobody else like them on the radio airwaves at the moment, which makes them a standout. I hope this CD propels their career to a higher level as it should. It garners 4 out of 5 stars.
For more information on Sleeper Agent and their new album, visit their website.