Daily Relief: Monday 24 March

Posted Mar 23, 2014 by Jessica Jones-Langley
A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes the new selfie movement, a toe-sucker on the loose and Kevin Bacon's epic entrance on The Today Show.
Sellotape Selfie | Facebook
Sellotape Selfies
Inspired by Jim Carrey's character in Yes Man, the 'Sellotape Selfie' is quickly gaining momentum with people strapping their face with tape before taking a selfie. The movement caught Jim Carrey's attention and over the weekend he tweeted the following advice: "Keep the nose holes clear kids!"
You can see the resulting pictures which have been uploaded to a Facebook group.
Toe-sucker on the run
Police are hunting a man who they say sucked a toe of a woman in Walmart, North Carolina. According to reports the man convinced a female shopper that he was a podiatry student and was conducting a survey on the feet of different nationalities when the toe-sucking occurred.
Drunken night gone wrong
Last week a drunk and naked woman tried to visit her husband who is in Arlington County Jail. Officers at the scene gave her a choice, either get in a cab home or spend the night in jail.
She opted to spend the night in jail, and was charged with indecent exposure and public intoxication. The resulting mug-shot is potentially a huge embarrassment for the 26 year old.
Cute Alert
Photographer Hendy Mp snapped these pictures of a monkey and cat playing together. In one picture the monkey is adorably massaging the cat.
Video: Kevin Bacon revives his role from Footloose to make an entrance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.