Co-founder tells his side of Apple story?

Posted Sep 27, 2006 by eddiefrank05

"There was excited chatter as the revolutionaries met in a nondescript garage in Menlo Park, California, but in the beginning few of them really knew how they would change the world".
On the day of June 29, 1975, the first character on the Keyboard was typed and seen on a screen in front of Steve Wozniak, who claims to have been a part of the day he and his partner didn't know they had begun a revolution for a new world order. Wozniak states that there were Circuit Boards put together by he and his partner the other steve, Steve Jobs, but he (Wozniak) actually did those alone. Wozniak has written a Tell-All book on how it all began and why he is just now speaking out about being the Co-founder and just wanting to let others know that everything is still okay with he and his old partner who both remain friends.
Wozniak just wanted to branch out and start his own company he basically was a shy, nerdy type who like to work in the cubicles with the other engineers instead of being in an office as Partnered CEO.