Tourist steals $5,500 Hulk Hogan shoe, but returns it

Posted Mar 22, 2014 by Owen Weldon
A tourist who snagged Hulk Hogan's $5,500 shoe from a store admitted that she did a stupid thing, and she returned the shoe.
Hulk Hogan.
Hulk Hogan.
Hulk Hogan / Wikipedia
According to The Consumerist, the 55-year-old tourist from Michigan stole the shoe earlier in the week. The incident occurred at a Clearwater, FL, store, when workers became distracted when the Hogan statue outside fell over.
Police say that the woman called the store on Thursday and told workers that she wanted to return the autographed shoe.
According to ABC, a security camera revealed that the theft took place Sunday, but workers didn't discover the shoe was missing until Tuesday, which is when they called police.
As of now no charges have been filed, but police are continuing their investigation.