Review: Trisha Yearwood wows at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury Special

Posted Mar 15, 2014 by Markos Papadatos
Country singer Trisha Yearwood performed at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury in Long Island, New York, on March 14. Rising country singer-songwriter Karyn Rochelle warmed up the stage.
Country singer Trisha Yearwood
Country singer Trisha Yearwood
Courtesy of Vector Management
"Hello," Yearwood said, greetings the Long Island audience.
She opened her set with the upbeat and rocking tune "Wrong Side of Memphis."
"Hello Westbury," she said and Yearwood immediately broke into the infectious "XXXs and OOOs (An American Girl)."
"Thank you very much," she said graciously. "I already never want to leave. Ever. I am so happy to be here. Thank you for showing up."
She continued with "The Song Remembers When," which she dubbed as one of her favorite songs that she has ever recorded.
Yearwood joked that she if you want to be uplifted, this is not the show for you, since in her entire musical catalog, she only has three happy songs.
Fortunately, for the crowd, she did another happy tune, the upbeat "Perfect Love," where she had the audience clapping along with her.
"This song is really depressing," she said, prior to singing the ballad "Like We Never Had a Broken Heart."
"Thank you very much," she said. "Am I doing okay so far?" she asked her New York fans.
She went on to sing her breakthrough single and chart-topper "She's In Love With the Boy," which she dedicated in memory to country legend Porter Wagoner, who was a big champion for her, and she felt he played an instrumental role for her induction into the Grand Ole Opry in 1999.
"Thank you very much," she echoed, and brought out her opening act, Karyn Rochelle, to sing the moving ballad "Georgia Rain" with her, which Rochelle co-wrote. They harmonized extremely well together and this was one of the finest vocals of the evening.
She paid homage to one of her musical heroes, Linda Ronstadt three times throughout the night by singing "When Will I Be Loved," "Blue Bayou" and "You're No Good." All of her Ronstadt covers were superb and they would have certainly made the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer herself proud.
"Thank you very much," she said. "I love you Linda."
She continued with the soothing ballad "Little Hercules," as well as "Cowboys Are My Weakness" and another cover tune, this time of the soulful Gladys Knight classic "Midnight Train to Georgia."
Another flawless vocal was her rendition of the stirring piano-driven ballad "Walkway Joe," which left me in goosebumps.
She fulfilled a few audience song requests by singing a few verses from "Believe Me Baby I Lied" and "Real Live Woman," which she sang as a duet with an audience member named Amy, which garnered them both a standing ovation.
"That was awesome and impressive," Yearwood said, praising Amy for her talent and impromptu duet.
She changed the pace of her set with the up-tempo "Heaven, Heartache and The Power of Love," which displayed her trademark pipes and her versatility as an artist.
"Thank you," she said, and followed it with another ballad "On A Bus To St. Cloud" and "Thinkin' About You," which she dubbed as the second "happy song" that she has recorded.
She introduced her band members and went on to belt out her Grammy-winning hit "How Do I Live."
Yearwood closed with "I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners" and a version of Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," which is one of the best live renditions I've heard since Martina McBride's.
The Verdict
Overall, Trisha Yearwood did an exquisite job bringing country music back to Long Island, New York. Despite a five-year hiatus from touring, it is great to see her back with a voice as strong as ever. After 23 years in the industry, she is still at the top of her game vocally. Her show garnered an A rating.
For more information on Trisha Yearwood, visit her official website.