Geoffrey C. Smith: Sculpts bronze trophies for IGFA Special

Posted Mar 3, 2014 by Kelly Jadon
World renowned bronze sculptor Geoffrey C. Smith will travel to Costa Rica in April for the IGFA catch and release sailfish tournament.
Geoffrey C. Smith  Sculptor
Geoffrey C. Smith, Sculptor
Sculpting and the mind work in tandem. A good sculptor sees the model, notes details and forms an image in his mind. Later he may recall fine points even from memory. This is the process world–renowned sculptor Geoffrey C. Smith uses for preparing his bronze pieces.
Smith has resided in Stuart, Florida for 18 years, calling Martin County, “Paradise.” Much of the native flora and fauna have given him inspiration, whether on land or under the Atlantic.
Smith comes to the Sunshine State from Montana where he grew up outdoors, developing his loves of hunting and fishing. This background has given him a deep appreciation of wild life and its inherent beauty. Smith is also green conscious and is quite pleased to see that his local Indian River is “coming back.”
At a young age, the sculptor began to whittle. His grandfather taught him to carve wooden duck decoys. This ability led to awards and segued into clay. 1984 saw his first bronze cast.
The Geoffrey C. Smith name precedes his work. His gallery on Osceola Street in downtown Stuart has been open for 17 years. In the front window is a classic Smith piece, an octopus candelabra lit with candles. The artist creates one of a kind commissioned pieces and has a following of collectors.
Currently, he’s creating an 8 foot wide glass-topped table with a reef base, similar to the smaller cocktail tables in the gallery.
Recent works include the “Lionfish” — representing the 2013 BlueGreen Award for Conservation Leadership in Florida, given to Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops. Smith himself aims to reduce the lionfish population destroying Florida’s reefs by raising awareness of the infestation. He dives and spears them. “When prepared properly, they are delicious to eat,” the outdoorsman says.
Another, a plaque in honor of “Shiloh” a Golden Retriever who worked as a hospice therapy dog, placed in the gardens at Treasure Coast Hospice.
Smith’s work is appreciated publicly as well. Martin Health System’s new Tradition hospital recently placed a one of a kind “American Lotus Flower” piece in their building. Smith went out to Lake Okeechobee to photograph and bring into the studio actual lilies. He adds that long ago Seminoles ate the plants as food.
Jensen Beach High School hosts a Smith “Falcon.” Most locals are aware of the “Sailfish” fountain within the roundabout in Stuart, also sculpted by him.
9/11 Bronze by Geoffrey C. Smith
9/11 Bronze by Geoffrey C. Smith
Not long ago, however, Geoffrey Smith donated a piece which he created from his heart shortly after the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001. In memory of the firefighters who rescued trapped civilians, he sculpted a bronze of three firemen, one with his hand over his heart, another hoisting the American flag up a pole, all three have their eyes on Old Glory.
9/11 Bronze by Geoffrey C. Smith
9/11 Bronze by Geoffrey C. Smith
After the new Stuart Police Station was built, Smith gave them the statue, now open to the public for viewing in the lobby.
Additionally, the artist donates time and resources regularly to local charities such as Florida Oceanographic Society, Hibiscus House and United Way.
Nationally, his work is featured in California (Art for Wildlife), South Carolina (The Audubon Gallery), Virginia (The Worrell Collection), Connecticut (GE Financial Corporation) and many other locations.
April finds Smith traveling to Costa Rica for the (International Game Fish Association (IGFA) tournament. This is a sailfish catch and release event, one of several which are held internationally each year. Smith sculpts the trophies.
It’s not often that an artist becomes known worldwide, but Geoffrey Smith has achieved this. He states, “I enjoy what I do, and I am passionate about it.” A humble earthy man, Smith has taken his talents and added beauty to the world.
More about Geoffrey C. Smith can be read in his book.