Illegal miners warned that access hole to mineshaft will be shut

Posted Feb 18, 2014 by Matthew Hendricks
Authorities have warned illegal miners who refuse to come up out of the abandoned Gold One Kleinfontein Mine in Benoni, that the access hole will be sealed on March 3.
Three .9999 fine gold bars  400 troy ounces or 28 lbs each  are displayed at the Bureau of Engraving...
Three .9999 fine gold bars, 400 troy ounces or 28 lbs each, are displayed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing on August 27, 2012, in Washington, DC
Paul J. Richards, AFP/File
According to Digital Journal, more than 200 illegal miners have been trapped in the mineshaft since Saturday, refusing rescue out of fear of being arrested.
Officials say that a rival group may have barricaded the miners in on Saturday while trying to rob them of their gold. reports that authorities have sent communication down to the miners that the access hole to the shaft will be sealed on the 3rd of March.
According to, one of the miners who surfaced on Monday went back down to talk to his colleagues when he heard the mine will be sealed. reports on Monday emergency services were able to rescue another 11 of the miners, adding to the 11 already rescued on Saturday. All 22 have been arrested and will appear in court on Tuesday.