Russia bans lace panties

Posted Feb 17, 2014 by Justin King
A regulation that was placed on the books in 2012 will be enforced this summer. The rule effectively banning lace panties will pertain to Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. All three nations belong to the same Customs Union.
Pink underwear
Pink underwear
Helga Weber
The regulation does not specifically target pretty underwear, but rather targets panties based on the garment's ability to absorb moisture. The minimum approved amount of moisture absorption is 6%. Most lace underwear only absorbs about half that.
Lacey undies will no longer be available in stores after July, though trade groups in Russia are hoping to overturn the law. In Almaty, Kazak women were detained after protesting the new rule by wearing panties on their head in public.
Iryna Davydenko, who opposes the ban, said
It irritates me the most that the authorities want to decide what I should wear. As if all other issues in the country are solved and the only outstanding issue is ladies panties.
The nations’ trade regulatory agency has deemed that poor moisture absorption is unhygienic.