Review: Ma Cong's world premiere ballet 'Acceptance' Special

Posted Feb 14, 2014 by W. Mark Dendy
Sacramento was given a special treat Thursday evening, Feb. 13, with a world premiere of the ballet “Acceptance” kicking off the start of the Valentine's weekend.
Ava Chatterson leaps high in Ma Cong choreographed  Acceptance  - a world premiere by the Sacramento...
Ava Chatterson leaps high in Ma Cong choreographed "Acceptance" - a world premiere by the Sacramento Ballet opened Feb. 13, 2014.
"Acceptance," choreographed by the much sought after dancer and choreographer, Ma Cong, was on the playbill for the Sacramento Ballet's event celebrating love.
And not just any love - “Wild Sweet Love” as the show is titled.
That was the message that the Sacramento Ballet delivered through the choreography of Cong – not only love that is wild and sweet, but raw and beautiful, and sometimes disappointing and heartbreaking. And that each of us, despite our flaws and differences, want to be accepted.
The influences of Cong's early training at the Bejing Dance Academy were clearly evident in the opening movement in music and movement. The costumes were also designed by Cong and were modest and used subdued hues drawing full attention to form.
As the piece progressed, it moved to a darker shade with a solemn tone, but then picked up the pace to an almost tribal rhythm with a heavy pulse like the beating of a heart.
Worth noting was Julia Feldman, an apprentice until this season, paired with veteran Christopher Nachtrab in a phenomenal, crowd-pleasing, courtship ritual dance. Also, Ava Chatterson brought out the best of Richard Porter and Mate Szentes. The trio was mesmerizing as Porter and Szentes doted on Chatterson.
As the music began to swell in the final movement, each of the five pairs of dancers that had begun the performance moved asynchronously as if to say, you don't have to be like others to be accepted but you must be accepting of others.
The inspirational piece symbolizes the raw beauty each of us possess individually and collectively as a society.
This ballet is one that through the beautiful art of music and movement, Ma Cong and the Sacramento Ballet show us how the world should be – with each and everyone, accepted, as we are!
The performance received a lengthy standing ovation and moved Sacramento that much closer to becoming a city of love.
This is a show you do not want to miss!
There are only three shows remaining. Treat your Valentine to a spectacular show by the world class Sacramento Ballet.
February 14, 7:30pm
February 15, 7:30pm
February 16, 2:00pm
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