Video: Scientifically-accurate 'Flintstones' changes the story

Posted Feb 9, 2014 by Anne Sewell
"Flintstones. Meet the Flintstones..." is a familiar song from most peoples' childhoods. However, some experts decided to point out that the whole show is completely inaccurate scientifically and then corrected the issue in animated video form.
A scientifically accurate version of The Flintstones
A scientifically accurate version of The Flintstones
Via YouTube
Animation Domination High-Def decided to make a different, and scientifically much more accurate, version of your favorite TV show.
In the video, we find out that back then there were no "husband and wife" teams as such, and everyone was pretty much fair game. We get to experience the Flintstones as they would probably have been way back in the past and while Hanna-Barbara censored the naughty bits, this animated video doesn't.
As we know from a recent article on Digital Journal, people of that era were also a tad cannibalistic, and wouldn't think twice of bashing you over the head and munching your brains. In fact, they took the whole thing of having a neighbor over to dinner to a whole tasty new level.
We are even told that Dino wouldn't have been around, mainly because the dinosaurs died off millions of years before.
Enjoy the video, but maybe don't show the kids?