German manufacturers warn thieves stolen condoms might not work

Posted Jan 29, 2014 by Anne Sewell
In another of those stories that you just can't make up, a German condom manufacturing company has warned thieves that the condoms they stole from an automatic dispenser probably won't be safe to use.
A display of condoms.
A display of condoms.
by peachy92
Some thieves in Aachen in northwest Germany decided to blow up a condom dispensing machine on Sunday night and steal the contents.
Police say the explosion was reported by a nearby resident who heard a loud bang at around midnight and then saw the damaged machine.
Police spokesman Thomas Hinz said, "The perpetrators must have used a very large firecracker or a homemade explosive. The machine is completely destroyed." (Please note that the article does continue after these featured links).
While not stating how many condoms, or how much cash, was actually stolen, a statement has been issued, warning the thieves about the likelihood that the condoms are no longer viable.
According to a spokeswoman for Ritex, the manufacturers of the condoms, “There is a high chance that the condoms were damaged in the explosion, therefore it would be best not to use them.”
Apparently the police have no leads as yet.
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