Op-Ed: ‘Mrs Clegg’ in the news

Posted Jan 23, 2014 by Alexander Baron
The wife of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was in the news yesterday on her own account as the Lord Rennard fiasco continues.
The lovely Miriam González Durántez who like her husband Nick Clegg does not come from a privilege...
The lovely Miriam González Durántez who like her husband Nick Clegg does not come from a privileged background at all.
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Yesterday, the wives of David Cameron and Nick Clegg visited Basildon Upper Academy where they gave what are usually termed motivational talks to a large number of teenage girls. Motivational maybe, but perhaps not strictly accurate. When the lovely Miriam González Durántez was buttonholed by BBC correspondent Reeta Chakrabarti, she told her that she hoped to inspire girls to achieve like she had, adding that she did not come from a privileged background, and that she got where she is — a partner in an international law firm — by hard work.
It could be that her grasp of English is not so good, but that is most unlikely, as anyone who has heard her speak will realise, so it may be instead that she has a strange idea of what privilege is not.
Both her parents were teachers — ie middle class — and her father served not only as Mayor of Olmedo but as a Senator for Valladolid from 1989 until his death in 1996. She also married a Member of the European Parliament who is the son of a wealthy banker, so yes, of course she got where she is today by hard work and dedication without even networking a little bit.
While Mrs Clegg may have been having a fun day out, her husband was coming under fire from LBC News over the Lord Rennard affair.
He said it was "totally untrue" that he had been pressured by his wife to take action over this non-case, while she was said to be "furious" at Lord Rennard for failing to apologise (for something he hadn't done).