Interview with Finally Famous 'heart throb' SayItAintTone Special

Posted Jan 20, 2014 by Layne Weiss
Saturday, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Grammy-nominated rapper SayItAintTone of Finally Famous. We chopped it up about music, wrestling, love, and more.
Detroit Rapper SayitAint performs. (Finally Famous)
Detroit Rapper SayitAint performs. (Finally Famous)
Not many people know this, but SayItAintTone was nominated for a Grammy Award for contributing to the song "Mercy," which was featured on the compilation album Kanye West Presents G.O.O.D Music Cruel Summer.
SayItAint was actually the one to encourage-more like force-his best friend Big Sean to rap for Kanye, but we'll get to that later.
Let's learn more about the Finally Famous "heartthrob" first.
How did you get your name?
"I got my name, SayItAintTone one summer day. The sky was like sky blue. It was clear. The weather was calm," SayItAint recalls. "I prayed. God talked to me. He was like 'SayItAintTone.' And I was like 'Awww man that has a ring to it, so that might be my name. So hallowed be thy name. SayItAint."
"But no no no no. I'm just joking. I'm just playing," he says. "Ya know I came up with a group of rappers, basically. Big Sean, Adubb, Jay John, Earlly Mac. Key Wane was rapping then. Homie Pat Piff, and, you know, a lot of rappers. I wasn't rapping at the time," SayItAintTone says. "I was like the last person to rap and people didn't believe that I could rap, even some of my close friends. So, I just took that negative and turned it into a positive. When I was like telling them, when I was entertaining, that I could rap, people were like 'Man don't tell me you're trying to rap. SayItAint," ya know what I'm saying? So I just took that 'SayitAint' and I applied it to my name. And there you go, negative to positive and show people that you don't have to do it all your life to be good. You just gotta work hard to be great."
How did you get started?
"I got started..umm...We was recording down at...Well not we, but Sean-Big Sean- and Earlly Mac and Dusty McFly and everybody was recording down at Capitol Park, Tone explains. "And Earl came up to me like 'Nigga. You can rap!' He goes 'I mean you should rap, man! All you need is that one song where you can be like Dipset..You can be like Jim Jones and shit cause you already be swaggin. You can just have that one song and go crazy.' And I was like 'You know what, dawg? I might do that.' But then, he started pushing me more and more and more . And then Juan was giving me tips-Street Lord Juan-Free Juan, by the way. He was giving me tips on like how to rap cause I was just. I did like a project like in 2010. Like my first song was 'My Closet.'
That was like one of the first songs I recorded, and people really liked that. So I just turned that into like a whole project. That project was an experiment to see if I could really do it or not. I did it. People started liking it. I had a couple songs on there that I liked still, but I look back on it like 'Man, that was just an experiment.' So, I just kept it going."
What is IBGM? I know it's "I Been Gettin' Money," but can you explain it further?
"It's basically a mindset of like 'We not brand new to it. Like we've been doing it," SayItAint explains. "And like it's like a state of mind just helping people out...Like if you've been getting money for a long time, don't be stingy with it. But we don't forget that worked for it. So...IBGM. Shout to Oba Rowland, Dej Loaf, Adubb, Detroit Charlie, AC, Tears of Joy..."
How much fun was it recording that "Team On Ya Back" song. I saw the video. That looked really fun?
"Awww. Man!!" He exclaims. "Yeah it was fun. This is how we came up with that song. Um....I was in sessions cause I wanted to do a Finally Famous song for my 500 Million project. And I was just picking up everybody in Finally Famous. And we would just go to the studio and bang out a couple songs. And that was one of the songs...And Key Wane was in town from Tennessee. It was like last year. And we were just vibing out and that was one of the songs we came up with. We got more songs too. We got one called 'Too Sexy.' We got 'Hammer Pants.' We did 'That.' We did 'My Ninjas.' That song is on Adubb's Rebel Wit Me project that's coming out [February 2]. We're definitely about to get it in again soon."
Ummm...So I heard a story that you were the one who told [Big] Sean to go rap for Kanye...
"You heard that?" Tone asked in a surprised manner. "Where did you hear that at?" I answered, "Brandon (Brandon Abro, close friend of the Finally Famous boys)." Tone responds, "Yup. Yup. Shout out to Brandon. My boy!! Yeah. But uhh...It was one summer day on the east side. Me and my homie Raff Abner were at his crib. It was calm. The weather was calm outside. The skies were blue. I don't know what made us start listening to the radio in the house. Who in the hell listens to the radio in the house?" SayItAint exclaims. "It was like 2005, and Kanye was on the radio station at Radio One. 107.5 now. It was 105.9 back then. So he was at Radio One promoting his album, which was Late Registration at the time. Like somehow my homie Brandon Washington. He called me. He's in Finally Famous too. Like it was a group of us. He said 'Call Sean.' I hit Sean up to see if he was listening to cause I knew that was his favorite rapper, Kanye. So Sean was cashing his check, but I know how he procrastinates, so I called him 20 times. I don't what kept making me call him. Really it was like 10. I just exaggerated 20. But on that 10th time I was like 'Man..if it keeps going to his voicemail...Fuck it," Tone recalls. "So I called him that LAST time. Mind you, I don't why we listened to the radio or why I'm calling him 10 times. So I call him and I'm like 'Bro. Kanye's at the radio station.' At this point SayItAint explains that Sean had to report to the station because he did a cypher there every Friday. "So I called him and I'm like 'Bro. Kanye's at the radio station, and you need to meet him.' Sean said, 'I don't have any press kits.' I'm like 'Fuck that. You don't need that. Just rap for him and he'll sign you.' So Tone informs me that BWalsh (Brandon Washington) drove to Sean's house to make sure he was going down to the station. Sean said 'Yeah, but I don't have any gas money.' So Brandon gave him $20 to go down there and they hopped in the whip and drove down there. And then he rapped for Kanye. "And he got signed," Tone reminisces. "That shit crazy how everything lined up like that. That's the backstory of him getting signed."
What is a career highpoint and a career low point for you?
"A career high point is 500 Million. We had this bitch bangin' the fuck out. Another career high point, at Summer Jamz, that was like my FIRST time performing by MYSELF. My own set in front of a big ass Detroit crowd.
"Low point. When I met Oba Rowland," SayItAint says sarcastically. "What's a career low point? What's a little valley I had to go through?" Tone ponders. "Probably just being broke and trying to get the money to do it, but now I'm good." I tell SayItAint that Curren$y had a similar answer to that question when I asked him. "Yeah you gotta go through them dark times to get to the light," Tone responds.
Who's your favorite wrestler?
"Shawn...Michaels," he says. "And hands down, Stone Cold Steve Austin. I fucking loved them. The Attitude Era. I fuckin love it. "DX, NWO. I'm a BIG ASS wrestling fan," he exclaims. I'm a big wrestling fan as well, so we just went on and on and on...He recommends that I listen to Steve Austin's podcast. He says if he were a wrestler and could win ANY belt, he'd go for the Intercontinental Championship because to get to that belt "you have to be a SUPER good wrestler."
What's your favorite cartoon?
Dragon Ball Z. "That's my favorite of all time. I watched every fucking episode of Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z to Dragon GT on the internet before their website crashed," Tone says.
What is a turn on and a turn off of yours?
SayItAint says when it comes to girls, a major turn off is "dirty feet. I hate em. Eww man. Dirty feet!" Turns ons: "Money is always a turn on. Period."
If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?
"My superpower would be...Is this cheatin? If you had a power to like take everybody's power and do whatever you want with it?" He asks.
If zombies invaded the world, who would be on your team to fight them?
"Off top, Oba cause he a big fella," SayItAint says. "Oba, Sean, of course-Big Sean. Mo Beatz, Dj Limelightz. I have Marvwon. And I have AC too." Tone jokes that he can outrun every single one of these people.
So I don't know if you watch Piers Morgan at all, but at the end of every interview, he asks "How many times have you been properly in love..."
"Properly in love? What's properly in love?" He asks. "Like really truly in love," I respond. "Shit I'm in love right now....with money," he jokes. Tone says he's probably never been "PROPERLY" in love.
Closing Thoughts...What's coming up for you?
"New music. SayItAIntTone Greatest Hits. Pushing that IBGM project we dropped. We're about to flood with music and show people why we should be #1 one. Period," he says.
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I had a blast doing this interview. with one of Detroit's finest, SayitAintTone.