BNP Leader Nick Griffin MEP produces cookery video

Posted Jan 9, 2014 by Richard Milnes
Nick Griffin has been likened to the new Jamie Oliver in a cookery video, which looks set to go viral. In it he provides some practical tips on preparing a hearty and healthy meal at a low cost.
BNP Chairman Nick Griffin MEP - cookery class.
BNP Chairman Nick Griffin MEP - cookery class.
YouTube-BNP TV
In the video entitled ‘Recipe for beating the Tory blues’ (which lasts over half an hour) leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin MEP helps people deal with the combined issue of poverty and not being able to cook.
The video has already received over 16,000 views since being published on 22 December 2013 (about two and a half weeks ago).
The title is a reference to the Conservative Party, which is the political party in government in the UK and is known as the Tory party. Its leader is UAF founding signatory David Cameron.
In the video, Mr Griffin is wearing a ‘Help for Heroes’ top, the same charity that suddenly became famous due to the T-shirt worn by Drummer Lee Rigby who was beheaded in a London street by UAF speaker Michael Adebolajo and fellow Nigerian murderer Michael Adebolawe.
Channel 4 put pressure on Help for Heroes not to accept donations from the English Defence League, who had planned a sponsored walk to raise money for the charity. It is not known how much money the charity lost as a result of Channel 4’s actions.
The British National Party have only ever received negative press coverage from the mainstream media in the UK, which is probably explained by the fact that the National Union of Journalists has issued guidelines that ensure that they are only allowed to be reported on in a negative light, despite the fact that the vast majority of the British people agree with the BNP’s policy on immigration.
BNP Chairman Nick Griffin MEP demonstrates to viewers of his cookery video how to chop up potatoes f...
BNP Chairman Nick Griffin MEP demonstrates to viewers of his cookery video how to chop up potatoes for the stew.
YouTube-BNP TV
Laid out on Mr Griffin’s table is £10 worth of food with which he shows the viewers how to make a stew that could feed five or six people.
Mr Griffin advises to always look for meat from the reduced section if you can, preferably British beef of course. He also recommends making an initial capital investment in some herbs and spices so that the stew doesn’t taste too bland. This initial cost can be spread over many stews made in the future.
Mr Griffin tells the story of when he was really hard up in London whilst working in London after leaving university and he sometimes wouldn’t be able to eat for a couple of days. He recommends that rather than go down to the pub, where the risk would be remaining there for too long and spending too much money, it is better to buy a bottle of beer and tip half in the stew and drink the other half.
The stew is to be prepared in just one pan on one hot plate to keep it simple. After informing viewers that different things take different times to heat budding chef Nick Griffin starts off by preparing the onions. Secondly the meat is cut into bite-size pieces.
Nick Griffin then recommends a special cooker for those hard up or living in a bedsit that can be purchased from the supermarket for only £12 and is simply plugged into a power socket.
Mr Griffin tantalises viewers with the suggestion that he may produce future videos with more recipes if the video proves to be a success.
In true patriotic style Mr Griffin doesn’t miss the opportunity for an aside about how British cooking was the best in Europe for centuries.
Mr Griffin then remembers that he has forgotten to put an onion on.
Reclaiming the word "curry," Mr Griffin tells how it first appeared in a cookery book from, he thinks the reign of Richard II in the thirteenth century in England.
Returning to politics for a moment, for which he is better known, he then urges caution on not letting people tell you that you have to have huge numbers of immigrants to have good cooking. Once you’ve got the recipe that’s all you really need, he says.
Further details of Mr Griffin’s stew can be seen on the YouTube video above.
BNP Leader Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin.