Nylon Pink performs in Sacramento minus lead singer Kaila Yu Special

Posted Jan 6, 2014 by W. Mark Dendy
The Hollywood based band, Nylon Pink, was in Sacramento this weekend for a concert. Nylon Pink is the only band in the United States comprised of all Asian-American girls, and it is not just another band.
Lead singer Kiki Wong handled lead vocals in the absence of Kaila Yu in Saturday s Nylon Pink perfor...
Lead singer Kiki Wong handled lead vocals in the absence of Kaila Yu in Saturday's Nylon Pink performance.
LA Weekly called them one of Los Angeles' “sexiest, glitziest bands. The all girl band was nominated for “Pop Artist of the Year” at the LA Music Awards.
Nylon Pink has been described as “Hello Kitty on acid,” and if you saw them at the SacAnime Convention, Jan. 4, you would understand why.
Lead guitarist, Kiki Wong, bass player, Katt Lee (Kitt Katt), and drummer, Jamie Scoles, the youngest member of the band, rocked the hall, despite the absence of one of the bands founding members and lead vocalist, Kaila Yu.
The band had been in Austin over the New Year and arrived in Sacramento for their Saturday performance. Saturday morning, Kaila was reported ill, too sick to perform.
This was the first time Nylon Pink had been faced with the choice - cancel the show or perform. They decided to go on without Kaila with Kiki singing lead vocals.
In an interview after the show, Kiki, said, “I'm not a singer, but we didn't want to disappoint our fans. Anime fans are the best!”
And Kiki did not disappoint; she sang her heart out and the band played well even though they admitted feeling "incomplete."
Kiki described to me her passion for music. She is an admitted “metal” fan but her musical beginnings were much more subdued.
She said, “I began piano lessons when I was six; I played classical piano for 12 years. My father played guitar and he taught me basic chords.” She has played in other bands and other instruments, bass and drums. Saturday night was her first foray into vocals.
Jamie spoke of her entry into the world of music. “I began playing drums when I was 10 and have played ever since.” Jamie's influences are from rock sub genres, classic rock, punk rock, and pop rock and her abilities rival that of some great veteran percussionists.
Bass Player Kitt is the band's stylist and also designs a jewelry line for the band brilliantly called "Hello Drama."
Nylon Pink's music is a fusion of pop, rock, techno, and electro. Their mission is to show young women that you don't have to be all tough to play in a band; you can be be into pink and femininity and still be a rocker.