Op-Ed: I resolve not to make New Year's resolutions

Posted Dec 29, 2013 by Paula Kirman
We make them. We break them. Maybe some of us even fake them. They are New Year's resolutions. And yes, it is that time of year again.
The time of year when we swear, promise, and vow to make positive lifestyle changes. We are going to lose weight. Stop smoking. Go vegetarian. Head to the gym every morning. Leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Okay, I am joking about that last one, but I may as well not be - after all, it is about as realistic as the common other ones I mentioned above. You see, a lifestyle change begins with the resolve to actually do it - that much is true. But to lock all of your hopes and dreams into trying to start working on those potential accomplishments to a specific time of year is simply not realistic.
The pressure is just too much. Everyone is watching and waiting for imminent failure. And many people are making similar resolutions and playing the comparison game, while getting discouraged in the process. Your neighbor lost five pounds in her first week of the new year and you only lost two. At this rate, she will fit into that new bathing suit in only a couple of months while you will still be wearing the over sized sweat pants you had to resort to after performing gluttony at the holiday dinner. Why continue? Oh, the humanity of it all!
Perhaps that was just a tad melodramatic, but it makes my point: the time to change your life is now. Now, and quietly, without proclaiming that they are over the top "resolutions." New Year's resolutions are just a fancy way to procrastinate and gives you an easy way out when things stop going your way. They are too easy to walk away from and lead to discouragement.
So, this is why I only have one New Year's resolution: not to make any New Year's resolutions at all.