After cruel taunts actress Chelsee Healey has breast reduction

Posted Dec 21, 2013 by Eric Morales
She vividly remembers being called a baby hippo and the utter humiliation after a wardrobe malfunction on live television, now the actress hopes a new look spells a new beginning.
Actress Chelsee Healey
Actress Chelsee Healey
Chelsee Healey who played Janeece Bryant in the BBC's Waterloo Road has undergone a dramatic body transformation after being bullied for her breast size.
"My breasts were weighing me down, physically and mentally. I was so unhappy,” she tells the Daily Mirror. “I can’t tell you what a relief it is. They were like two big balloons. I was totally out of proportion and self-conscious which made me a target for bullies. I’m embarrassed that I ever had them so big in the first place but I was young and stupid and I just wanted big boobs.I thought they were going to make me beautiful but they only made me miserable. It has been really tough but now I can see that my idea of perfection looked ridiculous. Now I’ve learned to be my own kind of beautiful and that feels amazing.”
The size 8 actress had breasts implants put in when she was 18-years-old however her Double-D cup breasts continued to grown until she was a large G cup.
Healey had her implants removed at St. John and St. Elizabeth hospital in North London six months ago, replacing them with D-cup implants.
The actress who appeared on Strictly Come Dancing had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction that left her in tears.
“I’d been unhappy with my breast size for a couple of years before Strictly but it was mainly because they were physically uncomfortable and it was difficult to get clothes to fit. It was only when I went on Strictly that the bullying started." Chelsee Healey says. "I remember being called a baby hippo after the live show one week – that has stayed with me. I would sit at home and cry about these horrible things people were saying about me, just because of a stupid mistake I made when I was a kid I'll never forget the night I fell out of my dress on live TV. I was mortified. I watched the footage back again and again and I was just gutted. I knew I had to get rid of them.”
Healey hopes that now that she has downsized her breasts she will get more acting roles.