Video: 'Fireplace For Your Home' makes a comeback

Posted Dec 21, 2013 by Anne Sewell
This is just what you need as a backing to your holiday celebrations. Apologies for the corny cliche, but "Fireplace For Your Home" will warm the cockles of your heart. You can even enjoy the "making of" right here on Digital Journal.
This may sound a little like the Norwegian version - you remember, they did a 12 hour, Slow TV marathon of a roaring fireplace.
Well it seems that went so well, Netflix decided to bring out the classic "Fireplace For Your Home", a preview of which is included above. Apparently this will be available for livestreaming all over the holiday period.
So if you want to get really cheesy this upcoming festive season, and have a roaring fireplace in the background while enjoying the feast, here's your answer.
Anyone wanting to see the making of "Fireplace For Your Home" can watch the obsessive compulsive director putting together the fire scene itself below.
Oh, by the way, on the preview page on YouTube it does warn that the video is not a reliable source of heat.