Lady Gaga still from ARTPOP video of 'Do What U Want' released

Posted Dec 14, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
Lady Gaga's new music video of 'Do What U Want' from ARTPOP with R. Kelly isn't out just yet but quirky director Terry Richardson said this weekend that it's coming soon. He also released a still from the video.
Lady Gaga s new album. Sculpture by Jeff Koons
Lady Gaga's new album. Sculpture by Jeff Koons
2013 Interscope Records
The still shows Lady Gaga crawling away from R. Kelly, scantily dressed. There's nothing new about it, ground she's covered before but Richardson seemed pleased with the image he's put out there.
"Lady Gaga and R. Kelly behind the scenes for their new music video 'Do What U Want' directed by Me… coming soon!!" Richardson wrote.
The song is already featured on a Best Buy commercial. "Do what you want with my body!" Lady Gaga sings on the spot. R. Kelly sings "Taking these haters and we ruffle them up and we laying the cut like we don't give a..."
There may be a few more haters now with giving the song over to a commercial, and so soon. Lady Gaga has been keeping a low profile with regard media for some 2 years but is clearly still tuned into the promotion band wagon, finding ways to increase the bank account and get her share of attention.
Richardson didn't elaborate on exactly how soon 'coming soon' meant.