Dr. Oz says best 2013 weight loss strategy is adding probiotics

Posted Dec 13, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
Dr. Oz, the U.S. TV doctor whose following keeps growing ever larger, said on his Dec. 11 show that there's a great weight loss tool that came along in 2013. Ingesting probiotics, he said, is effective in weight loss and the supplement is easy to find.
The Dr. Oz talk show is hosted by Mehmet Oz  a cardiothoracic surgeon
The Dr. Oz talk show is hosted by Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon
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The microscopic live organisms, Dr. Oz said, keep your digestive system and your immune system healthy, and lacking them can lead to digestive problems. Weight loss is an offshoot of taking probiotics.
On his program, he had on two women who took probiotics, making no other dietary changes, and lost 30 pounds. One of the better ways to get probiotics into your system is through yogurt and milk but it is many other food items and can be taken as a supplement.
The doctor said the worst weight-loss strategy of 2013 is gluten-free diets. Those who make gluten-free products often use sugar and other unhealthy ingredients when looking for something to replace the gluten, thereby causing weight gain.