Review: Pop culture gets its wag on with ‘Babes with Dogs’ Special

Posted Dec 7, 2013 by W. Mark Dendy
Too many women put up with men that are — well, let’s just say dogs! But author and PR specialist, Tany Soussana, thinks that putting up with a dog is great, as long as it has four legs.
Lap of Luxury. Oh NOOOO! Not in front of Armani’s... CRAP!
Lap of Luxury. Oh NOOOO! Not in front of Armani’s... CRAP!
Amy De Wolfe - Random Lipstick Publishing
“Next to cutting some serious tail, and leg,” writes Soussana in the preamble, Babes with Dogs aims “to shed light and irrepressible humor into this babes-canine mania.”
The Los Angeles-based diva says that every good babe with a dog, that is ALL women in touch with their inner babe and their canine companion, need not worry about their dog treating them like crap; they just have to concern themselves with where their four-legged friends poop.
And if you happen to have a two-legged male in your life (or unlucky depending on your perspective) he should be willing to pick up the poo.
Babes with Dogs [$15] is a cute, beautifully illustrated novelty book that would make the perfect gift for a girl’s BFF or even that guy friend that needs a hint or two.
From the froth and frolic of the modern day woman, to a walk in the dog park of another kind, Babes with Dogs is full of anecdotes that illustrate “the day-to-day absurdity of what happens when — apart from a man going south — only a good dog will do.”
Soussana said in an interview, “Many of the illustrated scenarios in my book actually happened to me in real life! It was the culmination of having those actual experiences which inspired the main premise for my book.” She told me she was never more embarrassed than when her little doggy “did their business” right in front of a ritzy store on Rodeo Drive.
Babes with Dogs, however, is not just a book; it is a brand. You might say Soussana has re-purposed dogs from man’s best friend to dogs as woman’s best friend.
Soussana says, “Our dogs have become true loving companions to us damsels, while some men have become the sad, cold reality check for which there isn’t a leash tight enough.” Sounds like a line straight out of Sex and the City.
In addition to authoring the colorful, animated Babes with Dogs, Soussana has created Doggywood.TV offering a brand that any woof-a-holic would roll over for!
An original Babes with Dogs collector’s edition makes a great Christmas gift. Order one here.
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