Video: Stray dog ‘sings’ along with Ukrainian busker

Posted Dec 3, 2013 by Richard Milnes
A video has gone viral on YouTube showing a stray dog beginning a duet with a street musician in the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk’s European Square.
Singing dog
Singing dog
YouTube-Kotuk Myrzik
As the dog howls along in tune to the playing of what looks like a clarinet, a constant flow of people drop tips in the musician’s box. It was unclear whether the dog was expecting a share of the tips for its efforts.
The busker, Sergey Ivanovich, said that the dog does not belong to him and that he simply came up and started ‘singing’. After some persuading from the spectators, Sergey took the dog home, even though he said he already has a dog.
The video entitled ‘Собака-подпевака (singing dog)’ was uploaded to YouTube on 24 November, 2013 by user Kotuk Myrzik and has so far been viewed over 300,000 times!
Some of the comments on the YouTube video include:
“Those are abnormally much tips.”
“It's funny..., how it possible? I smile from beginning to the end. It's the singer of the year for me!!”
“F**king fake people they wouldn’t give a dollar to the man but now you see a fucking dog in the video and everybody stop and help and not only that but you gave all the credit to the dog when he is even enjoying the music he is crying because the music hurt him.”
Which received the reply, “shut up if that were the case he would’ve gone away”
The story is thought to have first been reported by the Ukrainian newspaper ‘Vesti’ on 25 November and then reported by Daily Picks and Flicks on 27 November, Huffington Post on 28 November and Mother Nature Network on 3 December.
As DPF reports the same dog has been busking before. Last time it was seen accompanying a saxophonist.