EDM Group Releases Inspiring Anti-Bullying Song

Posted Dec 1, 2013 by Cameron Christner
Up and coming EDM group Krewella, along with fellow producer Headhunterz, just released a new single entitled "United Kids of the World," with a strong and inspiring anti-bullying message.
Krewella performing live
Krewella performing live
EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, has, of course, seen a massive rise in popularity among youth all over the world. With its loud and eccentric fan base and being an emotion-based musical enterprise, EDM has become what some say is the basic "sound" of the new generation.
The artwork for Krewella s and Headhunterz  new single.
The artwork for Krewella's and Headhunterz' new single.
It's good to see EDM groups that truly care about their fans, and are therefore conscious of the social problems many of them face on a daily basis. In this case, on the front lines of the anti-bullying campaign are these two EDM groups, Krewella and Headhunterz.
The music video portrays examples of cyber bullying, both on an individual basis and even to the stars themselves. The message is for all those who feel excluded or bullied to come together and let their voices be heard as one united collective, ergo the title, "United Kids of the World."
The Youtube video has racked up over 200,000 views in less than a week, and will hopefully continue to grow and help spread the message of peace and love.