Movie-goers feast on 'Catching Fire' and 'Frozen' over holiday

Posted Dec 1, 2013 by Tim O'Brien
It was a one-two punch at the box office that helped it soar to a Thanksgiving holiday record. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and "Frozen" provided a palatable punch to the long holiday.
The  Games  will begin soon.
The "Games" will begin soon.
Box Office Mojo
On any other weekend or even holiday, "Frozen" would be the winner by a wide margin, but with "Catching Fire" still hot, it had to settle for second place. Imagine a second place film taking in $53.4 for a three-day haul, and not winning. Meanwhile, in its second weekend, "Catching Fire" dominated to the tune of $74 million for that same three-day weekend.
The long five-day totals had "Catching Fire" at $110.2 million and "Frozen at $93 million. It was a hungry weekend to say the least for movie-goers. They feasted on these films and had enough leftovers for the rest of them as well.
The previous five-day Thanksgiving holiday record-holder was "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" with $82 million. So, both films beat that record. Yes, the top two films each beat the previous record holder. Now that is something one doesn't see that often. Box Office Mojo reported that the number ranks fourth all-time behind "Avengers," "Avatar" and "The Dark Knight" for second weekend totals. "Catching Fire" also bested "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" for the three-day as well.
Confused yet?
With a holiday such as Thanksgiving, the numbers can be overwhelming, so a couple easy breakdowns are needed. The usual three-day will be used, plus, the five-day long holiday weekend.
Thanksgiving holiday
1. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" - $110.2 million (three-day, $74.5 million)
2. "Frozen" - $93 million (three-day, $53.4 million)
Looking for the other new releases over the long holiday, one must drop further than No. 5. "Homefront" tanked while "Oldboy" never got any traction. "Black Nativity" was way off as well.
'Dr. Who'
Now that the dust has settled on the big anniversary for "Dr. Who," here is the take on the box office. "The Day of the Doctor" was released ion theaters, too, to help celebrate the 50th anniversary. The Wrap and BBC noted that it raked in $10.2 million worldwide, while an encore in 660 theaters the following Monday took in an additional $4.7 million.
On one final note, Paul Walker's death continues to make news. He stars in a film that is due for a Dec. 13 release date. It is titled "Hours." As for "Fast and Furious 7," the film was still in production. It was to head overseas to film in January. No word on the future of that project at this time.
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