Police allegedly warned to 'be aware' of Cop Block group

Posted Nov 24, 2013 by Alex Allen
A leaked email apparently shows a police union demonizing a popular police accountability group, forewarning officers of the diverse "tactics" used by members of the group.
New Orleans police car is shown here in French Quarter
New Orleans police car is shown here in French Quarter
Cop Block, which operates under the slogan "badges don't grant extra rights," is an independent organization that attempts to bring transparency to police departments and hold individual officers across the United States accountable for any wrong doings. The organization's website makes the argument that many people tend to see police officers as having special rights, when actually they are supposed to obey the law just like any other citizen. Now, a new email has emerged which was allegedly sent out to members of the Fraternal Order of Police, warning officers about the group.
The email that was supposedly sent out on November 21, 2013 claims that members of the group Cop Block had shown up at the NOPD headquarters and that the group "acts by overtly and covertly video taping law enforcement officers."
The fact that citizens have a First Amendment right to take video of law enforcement activities was also brought up in the email, although the message presented a somewhat negative tone towards the organization. They also made the accusation against the group that they "attempt to provoke officers into over-reaction."
A promotional video for the organization was also linked in the email.
The Fraternal Order of Police is a labor union for law enforcement officers that has been around since 1915.