Conrad Murray: Michael Jackson killed himself

Posted Nov 23, 2013 by Eric Morales
The former cardiologist convicted of killing Michael Jackson says the pop star was paranoid to the point of saving dirty underwear, and in withdrawal from painkillers.
Conrad Murray the doctor convicted of killing the King of Pop, Michael Jackson continues to claim he is innocent of the crime, saying in the end Michael Jackson killed Michael Jackson.
"I did not kill Michael Jackson. He was a drug addict. Michael Jackson accidentally killed Michael Jackson." Murray told The Mail.
The 50-year-old pop singer was staging a comeback, in debt after being accused twice of child molestation in a court of law, Murray tells The Mail on Sunday that Jackson was in an abyss of paranoia, physical pain, and mental anguish. According to the cardiologist Michael Jackson was so mistrusting of his household staff, that maids were barred from cleaning his underwear in fear the would sell the soiled clothes online.
Earlier in the month the 60-year-old who first met Jackson in 2006, was released from prison after serving two years of a four year sentence on involuntary manslaughter.
"By the end Michael Jackson was a broken man. I tried to protect him but instead I was brought down with him." Conrad Murray said.
The doctor claims that Michael Jackson was suffering from insomnia, chills, and frequent mood swings, at 5-foot-11-inches Michael Jackson weighed little over 126 pounds. Murray says in Jackson's final days, he was trying to wean the singer off of propofol.
Conrad Murray says he believes that Michael Jackson got up and administered the lethal dose of propofol to himself, after Murray refused to give him the amount the King of Pop had asked for. Murray further states that he believes Jackson was in withdraw from the painkiller Demerol, leading to his increased inability to sleep.
While Murray was Jackson's doctor, he claims that Michael made an eerie prediction, that the two men's names would be inseparable. When Dr. Conrad Murray asked Michael Jackson what he meant, he smiled and replied: 'I'm clairvoyant.'
It appears Michael Jackson was right. Conrad Murray is currently appealing his conviction.