UKTV Watch concludes its 50th celebration of Doctor Who

Posted Nov 16, 2013 by Mathew Wace Peck
With one week to go to the big Five-O, UKTV Watch rounds off its celebration of Doctor Who with the current TARDIS incumbent, Matt Smith.
The Doctors Revisited: Ninth  Tenth and Eleventh Doctors
The Doctors Revisited: Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors
BBC / BBC America / Doctor Who
The Doctors Revisited: The Eleventh Doctor is the final part of the acclaimed US documentary series, which has been transmitting in the US since January.
Doctor Who fans in the UK, meanwhile, have had to play catch-up over the last five weeks.
As well as a look at the era of the Eleventh Doctor, with contributions from Smith, the actor soon to be handing over his sonic screwdriver to Peter Capaldi (who has been cast as the Twelfth Doctor), the actors who played his companions — Amy (Karen Gillan), Rory (Arthur Darvill), River Song (Alex Kingston) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) — were on hand to discuss his tenure.
The instalment was followed by a two-part story from 2011, The Impossible Astronaut / The Day of the Moon, which also starred Mark Sheppard as a one-off companion Canton Everett Delaware III.
Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat was also on hand to discuss the character of the Doctor in general and the Eleventh Doctor in particular. It was Moffat, back in 2009, who cast Smith — 26 at the time, the youngest-ever actor to play the part.
The 50th-anniversary special, Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, will be simulcast on TV in over 75 countries in one week’s time, on Saturday, 23 November 2013, at 7.50 p.m. GMT. Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty will follow from 9.05 p.m. GMT.