Don Cheadle to play Miles Davis in biopic

Posted Nov 14, 2013 by Layne Weiss
Don Cheadle will play Miles Davis in "Kill The Trumpet Player," a biopic he's long been planning about one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.
Don Cheadle steps into the suit in  Iron Man 3
Don Cheadle steps into the suit in 'Iron Man 3'
Back in 2011, Cheadle talked to Vulture about talk he'd be starring in and producing a film about the jazz legend.
"It’s day by day," he said. "I actually just got off the phone with the studio executives about putting it together. It’s a difficult time to make films, especially ones that don’t have people flying or sequels or cars. So we’re grinding, you know. We’re struggling through, but it’s going to happen."
On Wednesday, BiFrost Pictures told The Associated Press that it will finance and produce Cheadle's long planned film, Kill The Trumpet Player. Cheadle will make his directorial debut. Production is set to begin in June.
The production company said the film "won't be a traditional biopic." It will instead focus on Mile Davis' retirement from making music and his re-emergence in 1979.
Ewan McGregor will co-star as a Rolling Stones reporter and Zoe Saldana will play Davis' former wife, Frances Davis.
Davis' family and jazz pioneer Herbie Hancock, who collaborated with Davis, are both involved in the production of the film.
The script was jointly written by Don Cheadle and Steven Baigelman.
Miles Davis died in 1991 of pneumonia, respiratory failure, and a stroke. He was 65.