Tipping Point with Boone Cutler becomes Rally Point for Veterans

Posted Mar 2, 2014 by Samantha A. Torrence
Military Veterans are coming home from war to a nation with a broken spirit, a broken economy, and a broken sense of humanity. One Veteran thinks that retired military members are the cure-all for all that ails America.
Boone Cutler
Boone Cutler is not a man you can miss in a crowd. He has the bearing of a seasoned warrior and a calculating stare that is often hidden behind a pair of trademark sunglasses. He is a wounded soldier who has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Parkinsons which all stem from his time in service. Like most wounded service members he has taken painstaking steps towards recovery and embracing his new "normal" in life. Through his experiences he found himself a mission outside of the traditional battlefield. Boone wants to help and encourage other veterans who are retired or injured to drive on by continuing the main mission of the Untied States Military, to protect the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. He is also insistent on all veterans protecting one another in the military family and leave no man behind. Boone does just that with his radio show "Tipping Point with Boone Cutler."
The name of the show is not just a catchy happenstance, Boone picked a phrase which best describes what he wants to do with his show.
Tipping Point: the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.
Boone wants to gather Warfighters, any military member and veteran past and present, and become the rally point for change in the warfighter community. It is no secret that the veteran and civilian communities lack communication and cohesion. The tensions being built between the two groups has ended in heartache for many military families. Instead of relying on the civilian population and the government to do right by Warfighters, Boone wants to help gather the strength of the community to help one another and affect change in the United States. He outlines his thoughts in one of his articles which he calls The Plan.
The Plan, is Boone Cutlers expanded mission directive that highlights the ways in which Veterans can better their community and still protect the country that they love.
The plan is simple and it’s what you’ve already been trained to do so make it happen and stay focussed.
Three elements: Security, Assault and Support.
Security element:
Media and it must be first.
We need Warfighters to saturate all media outlets and become key communicators to protect ourselves against the public media war they launch at us. Promote our Community first and always.
Support element:
Business and Education.
Warfighters in business need to actively seek to mentor and support others on the way up. A Warfighter should give a fellow Warfighter hiring preference. A large Warfighter owned business class will employ, promote and finance Warfighter causes from government to charity organizations. In Education we need Warfighters to teach all ages from preschool to the university. Thus, creating a strong voting block like never before in America.
Assault element:
Elected Offices and Law Enforcement.
Warfighters should be seeking appointed and elected positions from the lowest to the highest in the land. We need judges, politicians, law enforcement officers and any entity that represents the people to be Warfighters. Get involved as much as you can and as go as far as you can. Your local PTA is also great start.
It might shock some to see a plan like this that is out in the open and unabashed. In truth every single group in our nation has the same plan just said in other honey drenched words. Warfighters organizing and becoming involved in their communities and the country they love is the first positive step towards reversing the apprehension and discrimination that veterans face every day. It can help solidify civilians and veterans rather than causing another divide in a very divided nation.
Boone's radio show, which is featured on Renegade Radio KRNG out of Reno, Nevada airs every Wednesday from 9am - noon est.