Op-Ed: ObamaCare website apologists beware; your data is not safe

Posted Nov 6, 2013 by Stan Crouch
ObamaCare implementation continues to flounder and its flagship website is fraught with problems. What is not generally reported is that data for this personal data website is not secure.
Experts: Technology problems of Obamacare website may take months to fix it
Experts: Technology problems of Obamacare website may take months to fix it
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The ObamaCare website was scheduled to open October 1st and was promptly shut down. The questions surrounding this technical failure are under way but there is much that can be learned about the website and it's soundness from what is known about the circumstances surrounding the spectacular failure that has prominent Democrats like Joe Biden apologizing. Obviously, the website was not ready for launch nor was it tested for soundness and what in the computer industry is called Quality Assurance passage of new product delivery.
Typically, websites expected to handle major traffic, such as this one was touted to handle, would be stress-tested at the unit and system level long before release or "general availability." Unit testing of specific feature components and system testing of overall stability and network reliability were not performed.
While it is true that one of the contractors was personally favored by Obama, we must assume that for a $634 million dollar project to be properly constructed, that at least some of the designers and developers of this website were somewhat knowledgeable about how to construct and implement a website of this magnitude. So why was it such a complete failure? One has to conclude that the decision to have a website up and running by a specific deadline like Oct. 1st was purely politically-motivated as surely the proper testing was not performed. Because the website was so improperly developed and launched prematurely, it follows that developers were told to meet the deadline come hell or high water and that shortcuts were taken. And here we can safely say both in terms of programming code and QA testing that this was not ready for prime time. Contractors blame the government for the shortsightedness of early delivery and rightfully so.
As a result of the shortcuts taken and forced early delivery of the ObamaCare website, there can be no guarantee that data on the website is secure which should be of major concern to every American and their personal information. Congressman Mike Rogers (Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee) has voiced serious concerns about the security of data on the ObamaCare website and is investigating.
So why have people like Larry Ellison pledged to fix the seriously broken ObamaCare website? You could surmise that he stands to make some serious coin acting as consultant and you'd be right but there is also the political aspect in which he appears to think the ObamaCare law is also OK. Whether that is true or not we can say that the general scenario of launching a broken website just so it meets an Oct. 1st deadline is political in nature and shows disregard for data security and the public face of a very unpopular law. It also points out that the law itself having been forced through congress in 72 hours without any scrutiny and due to it's possible negative impact on the economy was not checked by anyone in congress nor peer reviewed nor, for that matter, put before the American voter, for review shows that it too was a political vehicle that was going to pushed through come hell or high water.
Millions of Americans, at best, distrust ObamaCare for just cause and overwhelmingly reject it as a means of addressing those few problems with health care with a collective irresponsible legislative hammer.
On a personal note, I asked my doctor today if he had any knowledge of what would happen to Medicare patient's coverage after the one-year grace period ends next year. He threw up his hands and said that no one knows what will happen. And that is the problem in general. This irresponsible and poorly-drawn, untested legislation is fraught with problems that no one has any conception of at this juncture and that can only result in the downfall of health care industry and 1/5 of the economy targeted for collapse. The obvious problems of astronomical debt buildup and cancellation of private health care policies has already begun.
Perhaps it is not too late to consider repealing this disastrous law before more problems and debt begin to surface. My hat is off to the brave politcians who recently tried to defund this mess.