Op-Ed: Kerry delivers $75 million early holiday gift to Palestine

Posted Nov 6, 2013 by Larry Clifton
An increasing number of Americans are receiving cancellation notices on their health care policies due to Obamacare while facing steep premium increases and high deductibles if they can afford to replace them.
John Kerry
John Kerry
Ralph Alswang
However tragic that may be, it doesn’t mean that President Obama’s latest political retread appointment to Secretary of State hasn’t got tens of millions of dollars to try to buy a positive headline in the Middle East. Some analysts speculate Obama's new Secretary of State John Kerry may need a good headline to blunt video of him playing on his sail boat during the recent Egyptian military take over of that government. Apparently the rate for a politically endulging headline from the Middle East will cost Americans a lot more than $75 million.
Despite increased bickering between the Hamas-led factions of Palestine and Israel during his Middle East jaunt for peace, Kerry gave Palestinians a $75 million dollar increase in foreign aid.
Kerry did take time to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, where the top U.S. diplomat acknowledged both sides of the strife.
Kerry, whom you might recall from his unsuccessful presidential campaign served just four months of his Vietnam deployment before begging his way home because he received a couple scratches, stopped in to visit with Netanyahu in Jerusalem as CNN described his expensive efforts as a "set back" in foreign relations.
While in Israel, Kerry issued incredibly generic statements like the following zinger: "Israel deserves security, deserves to live in peace. The Palestinians deserve a state, deserve to live in peace, and that is what we are working towards."
However, despite Kerry’s boorish propensity to restate the obvious in the hypnotic fashion of a northeastern snob (accustomed to donning captain blazers aboard his yacht come weekends) was not well received by anyone with the possible exception of Jay Carney, Obama’s embattled mouthpiece.
For example, one Palestinian source close to the peace talks - presumably after the $75 million was set to be transferred out of U.S. taxpayers’ accounts - said there is a "deep crisis between the Palestinians and the Israeli negotiations team."
"These are grave, wrongful and serious accusations by Israel, and Israel should stop its media incitement," the source said. "All settlements are illegal in the West Bank and Jerusalem," said the Palestinian peacenik responding to Israel’s concerns of Hamas terrorism and incitement.
The latest American cash infusion to the Hamas-governed Palestine territory brings current U.S. gifting to $100 million. Germany, always eager to be outdone by the U.S. in contributions to futile causes has pledged a whopping $10 million-plus to HIMII projects in the West Bank, the State Department said.
Perhaps Americans who cannot afford Obamacare and actually believed Mr. Obama when he looked into the camera and repeatedly told them they could keep their doctors and insurance policies can take solace in knowing that Hamas terrorists will benefit from Kerry’s extravagant $75 million early holiday gift.