Greece: Two Golden Dawn members shot dead in terrorist attack

Posted Nov 1, 2013 by Katerina Nikolas
Armed gunmen shot dead two young members of Greece's far-right party Golden Dawn in cold blood, leaving a third man critically injured. The attack happened outside party offices in Neo Iraklio, Athens.
Chrysi Avgi
Chrysi Avgi
Chrysi Avgi
Police and counter terrorism officers are investigating the cold blooded murder of the two young men which took place early Friday evening.
The victims were Manolis Kapelonis, 22, and George Fountoylis, 26. Newsit reported two armed terrorists wearing crash helmets fired automatic weapons from motorcycles. Even as the victims lay dead on the ground the gunmen continued to empty their 9mm sub-machine guns into the bodies.
The murders have been condemned by politicians from all parties. To Vima reported the government issued a statement saying: "The killers will be treated mercilessly by the judiciary, state and united Greek society."
Golden Dawn issued a statement blaming the government for removing police protection from party offices despite chrysafgites being at risk of terrorist attacks in the current climate.
Golden Dawn is currently under judicial investigation over allegations that it is a criminal organization.