DHS to buy non-lethal weapons for unruly crowds

Posted Nov 1, 2013 by Gar Swaffar
The Department of Homeland Security has caused to be issued a solicitation for nearly $500,000 worth of non-lethal riot control weapons.
Lt. John Pike just casually pepper spraying peaceful protesters.
Lt. John Pike just casually pepper spraying peaceful protesters.
Yesterday, InfoWars reported on the solicitation of an award to purchase 100 of the PepperBall TAC-700 by the Department of Homeland Security from PepperBall Technologies.
The solicitation is posted on the GAO website, and is a no bid acquisition of the product which is used to control unlawful assemblies, rioters, and organized protesters.
According to the Australian supplier of "all PepperBall products" Vast Group of Companies website, the PepperBall projectiles are plastic spheres, which are easily broken when they come into contact with a 'targeted suspect or nearly any other surface.
The projectiles used to control unruly citizens, are filled with PAVA, which is listed as capsaicin II powder. The objective being to encourage compliance and submission with, presumably, the authorities engaged in quelling an unruly group of citizens protesting or in some other fashion, causing a disturbance.
While InfoWars notes only the current purchase, the actual solicitation listing at the GAO website also notes the "FPS (Federal Protective Services) has had previous experience with the Pepperball Technologies' Less Lethal Launcher System. Any change from the Pepperball Technologies' Less Lethal Launcher System would require NFTTU to make substantial changes to their less lethal training program."
The current purchase proposal includes 100 Full Auto TAC 700 launchers, 117,000 practice projectiles, 120,000 Live X Projectiles (10X stronger than a standard Live projectile), plus 36 Riot Expander Kits. The kits are in essence a tactical vest to carry an extra 450 rounds plus more compressed air to power the launchers.
The solicitation for notice to purchase is shown as being bought by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), although both of the contact persons, Charlene M. Bunting,
Contract Specialist, and Maria B. Williams, Contracting Officer, on the listing are DHS employees.