Video: Norwegian actor sets beard alight and sings happy birthday

Posted Oct 31, 2013 by Anne Sewell
It's Halloween, so what better time to watch a video of a man setting his beard alight, and wishing himself a happy birthday in song? The man in question is a top Norway actor, Aksel Hennie. The beard is probably a little singed.
Aksel Hennie  Norwegian actor  celebrated his birthday by setting his beard alight and singing a Nor...
Aksel Hennie, Norwegian actor, celebrated his birthday by setting his beard alight and singing a Norwegian birthday song.
Video screengrab
Born in Oslo, Aksel Hennie is a Norwegian actor, writer and director, who has acted in a number of successful Norwegian movies, and has apparently received several awards.
He saw fame in 2011 when he appeared in Jo Nesbø's blockbuster Headhunters. His latest movie was the oil rig thriller Pioneer, and he is soon to play the Greek hero, Tydeus, in the upcoming film Hercules, the Thracian Wars, where he will star alongside Dwayne Johnson and British actors John Hurt and Joseph Fiennes.
It was his birthday on Tuesday and he decided to achieve fame is a slightly different way.
He filled his beard with candles, set them them alight and sang a special Norwegian birthday song as the flames lapped around his beard and wax dripped off his chin.
The video was then posted on his Instagram page along with the birthday message:
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! 38 years old - I'm on FIRE!!!"
His Instagram page also has a range of rather odd photos, including a striking "Breaking Bad" impersonation which is definitely worth a view.