Online education attracts seekers of knowledge around the world Special

Posted Oct 24, 2013 by Samuel Okocha
Maureen Murori, a Kenyan communications officer, is one of the world's millions taking advantage of the internet to harness the benefits of online education or like others call it, e-Learning.
In the U.S, more than 5.6 million people enrolled in at least one online course in 2009, according to the 2010 Sloan Survey of Online Learning.
But the online education revolution is not limited to America or even Europe. Africa is waking up to the opportunities in eLearning, as thousands acquire new skills and expand their knowledge base through virtual education.
"My first experience with online education was about four years ago," Murori writes in an email. "It was an interesting experience because I got to interact with people from different parts of Africa on the virtual classroom platform."
That first experience was with a course titled e-Learning in Practice, organised by Kenya e-Learning Centre and its Namibian counterpart on behalf of InWEnt-Capacity Building International, based in Germany.
Murori said she enjoyed the freedom to tackle modules at her own time and the online interactive sessions she had with fellow students and instructors.
She adds: "The online course not only imparted me with skills to handle online communication and messaging with more care but also has impacted on my day to day life."
Interestingly, Murori's latest e-Learning comes from Germany. She recently signed up for "The Future Of Storytelling" course hosted on iversity, an online platform for e-learning programs.
The Kenyan communications officer, who has participated in several e-Learning programs, hopes knowledge from this latest online course will equip her with skills to write her first novel.
"My hope is that I can get enough skills to come up with an interesting, mind blowing and informative piece of art for this novel and many others that I would like to publish either in the online platform or otherwise."
I also registered for "The Future Of Storytelling" course due to begin October 25. You too can register here.
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