Utah man is charged with raping wife's ex-husband

Posted Oct 19, 2013 by Eric Morales
A Utah man is accused of raping his wife's ex-husband in an extortion case that has Riverdale police baffled and seeking answers.
Police Handout
Riverdale police are investigating a sordid case of extortion involving two men who have been married to the same woman. Michael Bruce Seach 49-years-old was charged on Wednesday with forcible sodomy and object rape in the 2nd District Court, as well as possession of a weapon by a restricted person.
Police say that Michael Bruce Seach is currently married to his victim's former wife, and that according to the victim for the past 10 months Seach has been demanding that the victim pay him not to disclose information that he discovered while married to the victims ex-wife. Over the past weekend Seach's demanded sexual favors.
"Through that relationship, the suspect had gained some information on the victim and was using that information to extort him for money. And then had eventually used that information to extort him for the sexual assault and then had threatened his life if he did not participate," Riverdale Police Lieutenant Jame Ebert said according to KSL.
Seach allegedly demanded that his victim check into a Motel 6 in Riverdale, where between Saturday night and Sunday morning the victim was sexually assaulted. Police say the victim was able to escape to the front lobby where he called police. Upon the officers arrival the victim was found with a blindfold still tied around his neck.
According to police the victim gave Seach money and signed over the title of his car. Lt. James Ebert stated that more people were being interviewed and that more 'unusual' parts pertaining to the case would be coming out later.