Sandy Hook scammer looks at 8 months jail time

Posted Oct 16, 2013 by Maria Elisa Anacay
The Sandy Hook shooting shocked the nation as 20 innocent children lost their lives in a bloodbath inside the sanctuary of a school. While the nation grieves, scrupulous individuals thought of ways to turn the tragedy in their favor.
On December 21, 2012, TODAY News broke a story about Nouel Alba, an alleged scammer who took advantage of the tragedy. TODAY reported that Alba posted the following on Facebook within an hour of the shooting: “All we know is 18 kids have been killed… still no word on my nephew.”
Alba posed as an aunt to one of the victims, 6-year-old Noah Pozner. A few days after the shooting, she established a fund “in memory” of Noah, posting her personal information online. Needless to say, the NBI knocked on her doors less than a week after the news story broke. TODAY followed up that she had been arrested on December 26 and was released on a $50,000 bond.
The legal battle finally culminated 10 months later. CBS reported that she’s been sentenced to spend eight months in prison. Aside from this, Alba lost her job and faced financial difficulties since being charged. She’s also struggling to raise two teenage boys.
While eight months in prison may be enough to teach Alba a lesson, the family of Noah Pozner and the other victims still have to live with their loss every day. Perhaps the only silver lining in this case is that there would be one swindler off the streets who would capitalize on their grief.