Festival hosts award for worst portrayal of disability in film

Posted Oct 7, 2013 by Robert Kingett
For years the best of the best have been celebrated but this year there's a new kind of nomination happening at a film festival sponsored by the Lighthouse for the Blind.
Walk With Us on October 15. Join the LightHouse  San Francisco  CA  for our 2nd Annual White Cane Aw...
Walk With Us on October 15. Join the LightHouse, San Francisco, CA, for our 2nd Annual White Cane Awareness Day Walk. Celebrate the significance of this day and honor the importance the white cane has to those who are blind.
Take a look at the raunchiest and more-troublesome bits of disability film history on October 12 at Superfest, the longest running International Disability Film Festival in the World.
On October 12, 2013 LightHouse for the Blind and the Paul K. Longmore Institute are hosting the hottest disability event of the fall, Superfest, the International Disability Film Festival. "Holler, heckle, and hoot as we watch the most cringe-worthy clips in disability film history!" the flyer says.
the event begins at 7pm at the Women's Building in San Francisco at 3543 18th Street.
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at Buy tickets
Superfest is the longest running festival of its kind. Founded in 1970, the festival has grown into an international media showcase honoring the unique contributions of the growing disability arts and culture movement, exhibiting the most innovative and provocative works from established and emerging filmmakers. Crucial to Superfest is that the majority of the leaders, jurors, and participants are people with disabilities whose judgments and values inform festival choices.
This year the theme of the festival is the “Dissies”, where viewers can vote for the worst in disability film history. The purpose is to take a look backward to embrace, mock, cringe and guffaw at some of the raunchiest and more-troublesome bits of disability film history.