Advisory panel to recommend FAA ease Wi-Fi restrictions

Posted Oct 3, 2013 by Andrew Ellis
The FAA may finally be catching up with the times. That is, of course, if it accepts recommendations from one of its advisory panels.
Johnny Vulkan
According to The Wall Street Journal, an FAA advisory panel is expected to recommend to the FAA that it should ease its restrictions on passengers electronic mobile device use during flights.
This news came from one of the leaders of the panel, senior Amazon executive Paul Misener, who is also Amazon's vice president of global public policy, according to Digital Trends. He also revealed that the panel decided not to allow "gate-to-gate" use, but they did agree that there should be simpler tests in tests to find out how safe the Wi-Fi systems used on airplanes are.
Misiner also said that most commercial aircraft will be "just fine" if Wi-Fi is used below 10,000 feet, according to Digital Trends.
One rule that will remain in effect regardless of what recommendations the panel gives to the FAA is the prohibition of cellular wireless service, according to The Wall Street Journal. This is because of the possibility that it could interfere with aircraft systems.
According to The Verge, if the FAA adopts the recommendations, and there are no approval delays, then these changes could be implemented by 2014.