iPhone, iPad users nauseated by latest iOS 7

Posted Sep 29, 2013 by Hector Garingalao
Many iOS 7 mobile users claimed that the new Apple operating system makes them sick. The latest software overhaul offers a more intuitive interface, but its new features of digital animations and effects may be sickening to many.
The colorful iPhone 5c running in iOS7
The colorful iPhone 5c running in iOS7
Apple Inc.
Within the apple community, particularly in Apple's support forum, dozens of reports were generated related to nausea and carsickness. An iPhone user wrote on forum, “The zoom animations are everywhere on the new iOS 7, and are literally making me nauseous, giving me a headache. It's exactly how I used to get carsick when I tried to read in the car.”
Another unhappy iPhone user on that same thread, which has been viewed over 15,000 times, complained, “I have headaches and nausea for the past 3 days. Can't stand to look at my phone screen anymore while opening, closing apps. I just close my eyes or look away.”
Fox News reported that in Ohio, the UH Case Medical Center's division chief of family medicine, Dr. George Kikano, confirmed that there is some validity to sickness caused by iOS 7-powered devices for people who are susceptible. Kikano said, “It's not the zoom animations that are responsible. It's a new parallax function that causes the background of the phone to subtly move back and forth, a feature that leads to an effect not unlike car sickness.”
“It’s no different than being in an IMAX theater. The inner ear is responsible for balance, the eyes for vision. When things are out of sync, you feel dizzy, nauseous. Some people get it. Some people don’t and some people get used to it,” Kikano also added.
Luckily for iOS 7 sufferers, Apple added a new setting to turn the parallax feature off. That solution is as simple as digging into the iPhone's settings menu to 'reduce motion' of the new operating system. That will turn down the parallax effect on icons and alerts. The setting can be located under the accessibility section of the general settings area.