Lost something? $2 million check found on Madrid's Metro

Posted Sep 26, 2013 by Anne Sewell
If you were traveling on line 5 of Madrid's Metro recently, and just happened to lose a check made out for $2 million (€1.48 million), you are in luck. It has been found.
The Madrid Metro station Rubén Darío (line 5)
The Madrid Metro station Rubén Darío (line 5)
Fernando Carmona
A US tourist must be tearing his or her hair out right now, wondering where that rather large check is.
A train on line 5 of the Metro was withdrawn from service, because the carriage doors weren't closing properly.
Turns out the cause of the problem was a brown leather wallet, jammed into the frame of the door.
An honest repair worker on the Madrid's underground railway network found the wallet, containing a Californian driver's license, several credit cards and that amazing $2 million check.
According to a spokeswoman for the Metro, "It appears that the wallet was stolen on the Metro."
"The thief looked inside, grabbed the cash - but didn't see the check - and then threw the wallet away," she added.
The wallet and its contents have all been handed in to Madrid's Sol police station.
A National Police spokesman told CNN on Thursday: "We have his name. We're trying to locate this person."
"We won't just hand it over. We have to verify that the origin of the money is not illicit," the spokesman said, adding that the check was issued by the Bank of America, and is post-dated to January 2014.
It does make you wonder why someone, carrying such a huge check, would use the subway.