Homeless man's reward for good deed grows — $141,172 and counting

Posted Sep 21, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
The return for a Boston homeless man, Glen James on his act of honesty keeps growing. James turned in a backpack he found with $42,000 in it and another man, impressed by the deed, set up a donation website for him.
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By early Saturday morning that website, at, had raised $141,172, from 5,712 donors. It's still going strong, too.
"Its crazy to see what people can do when they come together to achieve one goal," 27-year-old Ethan Whittington, who put up the website, wrote. "Imagine the possibilities! Lets spread the kindness Glen has sparked in all of us and change the world together :-)."
Whittington read about James' act and put up the site Tuesday. James, in his 50s, can't work because of an inner ear problem that affects his balance but despite living in a shelter he turned the backpack in to a police cruiser last Saturday after finding it and discovering its contents.
The backpack also contained a passport and has been returned to its owner, a male visiting the country from China.
"We're so inundated with negative news all the time," Whittington, from Virginia, said. "James gives hope to people and lets them know not all things in the world are bad."